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A place to compile information about this excellent up-and-coming hack/mod. Chapter 1 is out now! Get it at!

Download Current Version 1.96b

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We have been reviewed by Indiestatik, a popular Indie Gaming Site! Check out the review here!

Do you have experience in rom hacking? Do you think you would be an asset to the JoT5 team? Join the Forums and let Elric know what you can do! He is mainly looking for people willing to create event scenes right now, and he has an in depth tutorial for those interested.

Would you like to help with the Wiki? Some things that we need:

  • a Job Tree
  • Shop Lists
  • Suggestions

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What Can I Play "Journey of the Five" on?Edit


Emulator Operating System Does it Work? Notes
pSXfin Windows, Linux Yes
PCSX-R Multiplatform Yes
PSXeven Windows, Linux Yes Confirmed as of 4/23/14. Set sound frequency to 48000 and it works fine.
ePSXe Windows, Linux Yes Buggy if not configured properly.
ePSXe Mobile Android Tablet Yes
FPse Android Tablet Yes Make sure to patch on clean ISO to avoid glitches (unstable and unreadable menu)
WiiSX Nintendo Wii Yes Game plays slower than normal. Some issues with audio playback.
EMU4IOS iOS Yes Game play runs a tiny bit slower but everything else works fine.

Sony PlaystationEdit

Game System Method Does it Work? Notes
Modded PS1 Burned Disk Not Yet Planned for a later date.
Modded PS2 Burned Disk Not Yet Planned for a later date.
Modded PSP EBoot Not Yet Planned for a later date.
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